Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lost track of time

My goodnes it has been a long time since I have posted a blog. I apologize to my faithful readers out there (if there are any lol). With work it has been so hectic! We get up 4-5am get girls to daycare, go to work, get off work, get the girls, go home and then go to bed lol. Here are some updates:

Aaron and I have been on the phones for about 3 weeks now and last week we were told we were being permoted to Tier 2 (which is a level up from what we currently are). They only chose 40 people out of 200 reps. This includes a pay raise but it also includes a change of schedule once again. Aaron is the number one rep on our team which is awesome. I'm up there as well. We start training for Tier 2 next week. We are so blessed with the oppertunities God has put infront of us.

Addi is doing well and is enjoying watching her favorite tv show 'Blue's Clues'. Sydnee is holding her head up more and is on the verg of rolling over. We have given her baby cereal once but that didn't go so well so we will try again soon.

Aaron and I celebratied our 1 year wedding anniversary last Monday the 27th. Crazy how fast a year has gone by. We went to Applebee's to eat dinner and that was it. It was nice cause it was just the two of us.

Halloween was a blast with Addi being a ladybug fairy. Her and I as well as Tammy and Skeylar went trick-o-treating around the neighborhood. Aaron and Sydnee stayed behind to pass out candy.

We are working hard for the up coming holidays for gifts. We do get Thanksgiving off but we will have to work Christmas Eve and Day. Total bummer. The weather has been cool here which is a wonderful change. I have always loved the fall season.

So there is my update. I have more of a resonable schedule so I will do better at posting.

Good night.
Aaron is currently backing up all my pictures so I will post them later :)

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